Our Executive Selection supports our clients’ hiring success.​

When you're ready to hire, and you need to get it right, we increase hiring success.​

We significantly increase the likelihood that our clients will hire and retain high performers. As a result, we significantly reduce their hiring misses, with costs up to 3x the annual salary. ​

​While we know it is impossible to achieve 100% hiring success, our client hiring success data tells the story:​

  • We have increased our clients’ high performer bench by up to 42%.
  • We have increased our clients’ high performer retention by up to 40%.​
  • We have reduced our clients’ turnover by as much as 61%.

We simplify the complex, by bringing the science of performance to the nuanced needs of successful Executive Selection. ​

  • We confirm, or pivot needed skills with changing internal or external environments.​
  • Our approach hones the science in a practical way to assess and identify strong Executive candidates.​
  • We provide objective hiring recommendations and ways to support and develop candidates if hired.
  • Our clients’ hiring leaders are the decision makers.
  • We offer Executive Coaching to further support Executives post-hire.​