We specialize in developing client Workforce Solutions that align skills to drive current and future business results. 

We align our clients’ workforce needs, while often reducing workforce costs on average 21%. 

We know that advance planning begins with a solid base, ensuring that our clients’ workforce can deliver on business objectives. Partnering with our clients, we assess and align their existing workforce to their current objectives. During the process, we identify workforce solutions to optimize performance and workforce costs, where some teams:​

  • have skills gaps that limits performance​
  • have an overabundance of certain skills that results in unnecessary workforce costs​
  • may benefit from clarified roles and responsibilities, or training and development

Depending on our clients’ future needs, we align their future objectives with a proactive Workforce Plan to support retention, engagement and to prepare for future transitions, including:​

  • Multi-year Workforce Plans – supporting a planned approach to organizational change (e.g., expansion, mergers, acquisitions)​
  • Senior leader Exit Plans – supporting smooth and timely transitions of leaders exiting the organization
  • Succession Plans – supporting preparation, training and transition of new leaders​